Evidence for practice: Research in primary care dentistry

Glasgow Odonto

19th November 2019

Contact: Andrew Miller

Lecture Theatre 1 Glasgow Dental Hospital and School, 378 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow, G2 3JZ

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Evidence for practice: Research in primary care dentistry

This lecture aims to introduce participants to the range of research carried out in primary dental care in Scotland and to enable them to consider how it can inform practice and policy.

Learning Outcomes

  • To gain an awareness of practice-based research activities in NHS primary dental care
  • To enable consideration of the relevance of recent research findings for dental teams, patients and policy-makers
  • To be aware of opportunities to participate in practice-based research

This course is designed to meet the GDC’s development outcome (TBC) and will qualify for 1.5 hours of verifiable CPD.

About Linda Young

Linda Young is the Head of Programme (Implementation) for the Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Workstream in NHS Education for Scotland. Following a career as a registered general nurse in the intensive care setting, Linda returned to academic studies and completed a MA (Hons) and a PhD in Economic Studies at the University of Dundee. Her PhD. focused on the dental remuneration system, and she has been involved in the area of dental health services research since 1999.

Linda’s research is embedded in and provides evidence for practice, education and service policy-makers. She leads and supports a range of research activities that inform the development, implementation and evaluation of dental clinical guidance and practice-based interventions to improve the quality and safety of care in the primary care setting. Linda also supports primary and secondary care dental professionals to develop and conduct their own research projects. She is experienced in a range of primary and secondary research methods including randomised controlled trials, cross-sectional surveys and linkage and analysis of large datasets.

Linda’s current research activities include developing and testing interventions to support improved antibiotic prescribing, improved preventive care for children, more effective implementation of SDCEP guidance and to enhance the impact of patient safety and quality improvement initiatives in primary dental care. She works in partnership with research teams in the Universities of Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen and is a member of the Scottish Oral Health Research Collaboration.