Office bearers

Office bearers and committee members for CPD Scotland as of September 2017 are:

Director: Alastair MacDonald

Secretary: Conor O’Malley

Treasurer: Caroline McAuley

Current committee members:

Jeremy Bagg (Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians of Glasgow, Glasgow Dental School and Hospital)

Roddy Black (Glasgow Odontological Society)

Paul Cooney (FGDP(UK) Scotland)

David Cross (BDA WoS)

Elizabeth Glass (GGC-LDC)

Bruce Hogan (FGDP(UK) Scotland)

Simon Kidd (GGC-LDC)

Alastair MacDonald (ADSE)

Caroline McAuley (CPD Scotland)

Will McLean (Glasgow Dental Alumnus Association)

Alison O’Donnell (BSOS)

Robert Thomson (BDA WoS)

Our address is:

CPD Scotland

c/o L&H Dental Care

72 Cadzow Street